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Skill Based Stress Moduules

STRESS... It's the #1 contributor to poor health outcomes and yet over 80% of people will do nothing about it. People know it's affecting their lives & is bad for their health. Here's statistics from the APA's Stress In American Survey (2014):


  • 77% report they regularly experience physical symptoms caused by stress.
  • 54% say stress causes them to fight with those they love.
  • 48% report stress is having a negative impact on their lives 

We have developed a revolutionary system that helps put patients back in control of stress rather than the other way around. To gain access to these modules for your patients, click the button below!

Treatment Services We Offer:

  • Skill Based Stress Counseling

    We provide mindfulness based psychotherapy.  Mindfulness is the intentional practice of focusing one's attention on the present--- including circumstances, emotions, thoughts, and physical experience - with non-judgmental non-attachment. Mindfulness therapy skills include awareness, focus, and acceptance of what is; and can be developed through meditation and yoga practices and cultivated in every-day living.

  • Acceptance Therapy

    Being diagnosed with a chronic health issue can be pretty tough for patients to accept, leading to very poor patient health outcomes. Developed during 27 years of delivering hospital based treatment, Carol has created a wellness system that successfully guides patients through the stages of change to a place of acceptance and continued good health. 

  • Digital Health Library

    Carol's dream has always been to teach patients the health skills BEFORE they had to land in a hospital. In addition to offering individual and group counseling, Carol has written over 25 books containing the very same skills and tools she has taught to her patients over the years. All these resources are contained in a single digital library you can gain access to for your patients.

  • Mental Health Screenings

    They've had all the tests and the results show nothing out of the ordinary. Than why are they continuing to show up with complaints and not feeling well. It could a case of the mental health condition "hiding in plain sight". The next step is a simple one. Contact us and we'll do a comprehensive mental health assessment right there in your office, making it easier for the patient.

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Carol L Rickard, LCSW, TTS

Carol Rickard, LCSW, has spent over 27 years working in the behavioral health field as a licensed clinical social worker, recreation therapist, and facilitator in hospital-based settings. Carol’s expertise is in stress management and wellness. In addition to the 25 books she has published, she has been a featured expert in other publications including Readers Digest, Dr. Oz’s The Good Life, Woman’s World Magazine, and writes a weekly column for Esperanza Magazine.

She has spoken and conducted trainings for organizations including the NJ State Police, Princeton University, Catholic Charities USA, and US Department of Energy. She is the creator and co-host of a nationally syndicated wellness series called The WELL YOU Show, which is based out of Princeton Community Television. Carol has her Masters in Social Work from Rutgers University and her Bachelors in Science from Kansas State University. Carol is licensed as a clinical social worker by the State of NJ, #44SC05233300. 

To learn more or to make a patient referral,

     call Carol directly at 888.Life.Tools (543-3866)